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Beautiful hoop earrings with interchangeable Mix&Match pendant. These silver earrings are for women who love genuine jewelry and appreciate Swiss quality.

  • Premiumsilver or Gold Vermeil
  • Gemstone with beautiful, unique shape
  • High quality materials & workmanship
  • 2 in 1: Creoles can be worn with and without pendants



Suitable for those who cannot wear traditional sterling silver and other metals.

Tarnish resistant

Argentium does not tarnish, does not turn black and is therefore easy to maintain. It simply stays beautiful!

Brightest Silver

Brighter and whiter than platinum, white gold, palladium and conventional sterling silver.


Made responsibly from ethically sourced silver.

Product description & reviews


Hoop earrings with snowflake obsidian pendant: These beautiful Mix&Match hoop earrings have a stylish design and transform any outfit into something special. These beautiful silver earrings with gemstone pendants are suitable for both a sporty and an elegant appearance. The genuine jewelry from Purajoya impresses with its high quality and excellent workmanship.

Gemstone: An Artwork of Nature

Experience the fascinating beauty of gemstones in their pure form. Our gemstones are natural works of art that shine in all their elegance. Discover the timeless appeal of these unique pieces of jewelry in our collection. The beauty of many gemstones only unfolds through their high-quality cut. The price increases with their perfection and rarity; the more beautiful the color, the more exquisite the cut and the rarer the stone, the more they cost. Discover this beautiful natural product for yourself! Read more about it in our Gemstone & Precious Metal Encyclopedia.

Premiumsilver: The finest silver with the most beautiful colour

The Premiumsilver is a new, patented silver alloy with the highest silver content and the brightest silver colour. The precious premium silver is not only hypoallergenic, but also highly resistant to tarnishing. No more annoying tarnishing or oxidation of the silver jewelry! No more allergic reactions! No (toxic) surface coatings for tarnish protection or water resistance necessary! Learn here more about our unique Premiumsilver.

Gold Vermeil: The new way of gilding

Gold Vermeil is higher quality than normal gold plated jewelry because it has a thick layer of real gold (International Standard: minimum 2.5 microns and 10 karat gold) on a precious silver base. At Purajoya, we even use at least 3 microns of gold and 24 karat gold, which makes our jewelry even higher quality. Gold Vermeil jewelry is genuine jewelry made exclusively of precious metals like silver and gold. Read more about it in our Gemstone & Precious Metal Encyclopedia.

Mix&Match: Individually combinable jewelry

With Mix&Match you can combine your jewelry pieces individually. Create your own style by combining your favorite pendants with the hoop earrings and necklaces of your choice. Learn more about the Mix&Match principle, click here: MIX&MATCH. Mix&Match Creolen Grafik

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Sustainably manufactured with excellent quality control

Luxurious style

Creolen Ohrringe Perlmutt Mandala Tropfen Weiss Gold Vermeil

Jewelry for a luxurious & stylish appearance!

Jewelry service

Hände Handgemacht

High-quality repairs, gold plating and new production

Customer service


Excellent customer service with contact to the founder

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Premiumsilver™ is responsibly produced from ethically sourced silver.

Premiumsilver™ is highly tarnish resistant. This means that the revolutionary & patented Premiumsilver™ neither tarnishes nor forms dark spots. For this reason, no toxic cleaning agents are required, as the surface remains beautifully bright.

Due to the tarnish resistance, there is no need for any energy-intensive and environmentally harmful surface treatment. There is also no need for a (toxic) coating, which is used in conventional jewelry to ensure water resistance or tarnish protection. Such coatings can cause skin irritation and allergies in sensitive people. With Premiumsilver™, (toxic) coatings are unnecessary as it is harder, highly tarnish resistant and therefore more resistant to everyday influences. Better quality means a more sustainable product.

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Purajoya is the place where you can professionally gold plate, repair and clean your jewelry. Our team of experts is at your side when it comes to repairing, maintaining or gold-plating your valuable precious or fashion jewelry. We take care of your jewelry - no matter what it takes. As specialists, we will find the right solution to make your jewelry shine again.

Get a free quote and treat your favorite jewelry to a professional makeover.


We recommend cleaning light soiling and fingerprints with a polishing cloth (without detergent). To do this, clean the jewelry with lukewarm water and a soft polishing cloth from Purajoya or a microfiber cloth. Oily substances, dirt or stubborn fingerprints can be removed with a mild soap if necessary.

Schmuck Reinigen


Every order comes with a beautiful jewelry box. When ordering several pieces of jewelry, you will also receive a beautiful and practical microfibre jewelry bag. If you want to give the jewelry as a gift, it will be delivered in the ideal gift packaging.


Necklaces should give pleasure and not be annoying! Determine the desired length according to your stature* and purpose. Also combine different lengths with each other and create an exciting new style!

Does the illustration below get you nowhere? Take a string and measure your ideal chain length with it.

Kettenlänge Halskettenlänge

* S, L & XL refer to dress sizes. The figures are a guide to how the clothing size and chain length interact.


Our earrings are lightweight so they are comfortable to wear all day long. From small ear studs to hoops with pendants, you'll find it all with us.

Ohrring Grösse/Länge


Measure the wrist or existing bracelet for the ideal size. The matching bracelets is about 2 cm bigger than your wrist. Some of our bracelets also have variable sizes or are made with elastic.

Armschmucklänge Kettenlänge



Shipping is free of charge within Switzerland. In Europe, it is free above a purchase value of CHF 200 and worldwide above a purchase value of CHF 250.

Express delivery can be arranged upon request. We generally charge CHF 20 for express deliveries. Depending on the delivery destination, this can also be higher.

  • CH
    Free shipping
  • EU
    Free shipping above CHF 200 otherwise CHF 5
    Free shipping above CHF 250 otherwise CHF 6

Possible customs duties are to be considered


We send our parcels with A-Post (delivery time 1 working day). From receipt of order, the package will be in your letterbox in 2-5 working days, depending on stock.


We send our parcels with Swiss Priority (delivery time depending on the country in 2-5 working days). From receipt of order, the package will be in your mailbox in 2-10 working days, depending on stock. Delivery times to countries outside the EU may take longer.


If you have ordered several products with different delivery times, these will be combined into one package and the longest stated delivery time will apply.


In the event of delivery delays, we will inform you immediately by e-mail. We reserve the right to make partial deliveries. Subsequent deliveries are free of shipping costs.

Please note that we sell handmade jewelry and there may be delays in production in case of exceptional order volumes.

Yes, every order comes with a beautiful jewelry box. Silk paper and additional stabilizing material ensure that the jewelry arrives at the delivery address in perfect condition. If you want to give the jewelry as a gift, it will be delivered in the ideal gift packaging.

If you have any special requests, you are welcome to note them in the payment process under "Order instructions (optional)".


Yes, the jewelry can be returned within 14 days of receipt in its original packaging, undamaged and unworn. Please use our shipping box if possible and return the jewelry to our postal address at your own expense:

Avital Gur Cusenza
Steinacherstrasse 15B
CH-8910 Affoltern am Albis

The refund will be made after receipt of the flawless return delivery within 14 days.

Yes, we attach great importance to sustainability and like to repair jewelry where possible.

Our team of experts is at your side when it comes to repairing, maintaining or gold-plating your valuable precious or fashion jewelry. We take care of your jewelry - no matter what it takes. As specialists, we will find the right solution to make your jewelry shine again.

And the best part? Send your jewelry to us conveniently by post. No travel and no opening hours!

At Purajoya you can:

  • Repair jewelry
    E. g. repair torn necklaces & bent earrings, replace stones, knot beads
  • Gold plating jewelry
    E. g. silver jewelry or fashion jewelry in yellow gold, rose gold or white gold / rhodium plating
  • Silver plating jewelry
    E. g. silver plating of silver jewelry or fashion jewellery
  • Clean jewelry professionally
    E. g. clean diamond or silver jewelry
  • Polish jewelry
    E. g. polish smashed and dented rings
  • Resize jewelry
    E. g. make rings or necklaces smaller and larger
  • Make new jewelry on demand
    E.g. recreate ring with gemstones and diamonds according to your ideas

Contact us
E-MAIL: info@purajoya.ch
TELEFON: +41 76 831 18 97

Here you can find more information.


There are several ways to have a look at the jewelry on site:

  1. Wir sind regelmässig an Märkten rund um Zürich unterwegs. Unsere Marktdaten findest du unter «Über uns/Wissenswertes» oder klicke here.
  2. Do you celebrate a big event or are you planning a jewelry party? We would be happy to visit you at home (German-speaking region of Switzerland). You can find more information under Jewelry Party.
  3. When ordering online, the jewelry can be returned within 14 days of receipt in its original packaging, undamaged and unworn.
  4. Arrange a private appointment with us in Affoltern am Albis, Zurich. Contact us by email info@purajoya.ch or by phone +41 76 831 18 97.

The patented, revolutionary Premiumsilver™ is a new type of alloy with exceptional protection against tarnishing or oxidation, which makes it particularly suitable for quality jewelry. The new Premiumsilver™ is a refined silver alloy of the premium class, with a very white color and highly polished surface.

The advantages of Premiumsilber™

  • Sustainable & environmentally friendly
  • Tarnish resistant - it does not turn black or oxidise*
  • The finest silver - it has the highest silver content
  • Particularly bright silver colour, as the Premiumsilver™ contains more silver and less copper
  • Harder than conventional silver
  • Hypoallergenic properties that allow people with silver or even gold allergies to wear it

Find out more about our gemstones & jewelry pieces in our Gemstone Encyclopedia.

Gemstones are a purely natural product. The term gemstone is used to describe minerals, rocks and nowadays also substances of organic origin (e.g. amber and pearls) with a certain rarity value. We select particularly beautiful gemstone pieces for our jewelry collections. For earrings, we carefully ensure that both have the same colour nuance.

Find out more about our gemstones & jewelry pieces in our Gemstone Encyclopedia.

The 925 silver jewelry is gold plated by hand in a gold bath and coated with 3-5 microns of 24 carat gold. Depending on the gold bath and the surface structure of the jewelry, minimal colour deviations may be visible.

Since we refine our jewelry ourselves, we can also coat rose, white gold, rhodium and more upon request.

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In case of doubt, please contact us at info@purajoya.ch.


Chief Designer Avital

I discovered my passion for jewelry over 20 years ago. My high quality collection now also belongs my own jewelry label PURAJOYA.

It is important for me to have a sustainable jewelry label that is committed to social justice and durable products in addition to sustainability.

However, I am not yet satisfied with this and offer a excellent customer service ! Besides the personal type consultation I offer jewelry repairs and gold plating an, damit du deine einstigen Lieblingsstücke erneut tragen kannst.

Would you like expert advice? Do you have questions about our products? I am happy to be your contact person for questions or if you would like professional advice.