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Purajoya focuses on slow fashion - quality and not quantity - class instead of mass!

For us, slow fashion means long-lasting jewelry in a timeless and modern design. Our jewelry is designed so that you will still love it in 10 years. We translate our highest standards into timeless elegance and precious materials.

Halskette & Creolen mit Anhänger Liv Aquamarin
Anhänger Liv Klein

Our jewelry is not only long lasting quality goods, but also long lasting modern - Slow Fashion. Our jewelry has great potential to be your favourite pieces. You will still love our timelessly elegant jewelry in 10 years.

The jewelry by Purajoya is easy to combine and timelessly elegant. It goes with casual style as well as elegant evening wear. With our Mix&Match principle, you can put together many combinations from just a few pieces and wear them with different styles.

Jessica mit Onyx Schmuck
Charlene mit Seepferdchen
Charlene mit Amethysten Schmuck
Charlene mit Silberschmuck Rosenquarz

Purajoya places great importance on creating jewelry that will be worn for a lifetime and will last. Therefore, our silver jewelry is made of high quality silver. This means that our silver jewelry lasts even longer without oxidizing and without the need for toxic cleaning agents.

Ohrstecker Elsa Mondstein Silber
Halskette Venusblume Gold

Purajoya packs wherever possible with certified & recycled material. Beautiful packaging is very important to us. We take care to use only as much material as needed to ensure the jewelry is in perfect condition.

Sustainability also includes not wasting our resources. Being sustainable is not a state, but an ongoing process.

Charlene mit Schmuckset Laila Blau Gold
Charlene mit Amethysttropfen Halskette & Creolen
Charlene mit Halskette Laila Blau Gold
Charlene mit Amethysttropfen Halskette & Creolen

Purajoya offers to professionally repair and clean your jewelry. With each cleaning, the jewelry can be re-gilded or silver-plated. Your treasures will look like new again.

Find out more about PURAJOYA's exclusive renewal service here.

Creolen Liv Silber
Halskette Venusblume Gold

The preservation of resources is important to us. Therefore, the resources we use in our business activities play an essential role. Purajoya uses regained precious metals for jewelry refinement and jewelry manufacturing.

Katja mit Creolen Lili Silber
Katja mit Amy Chalcedon Gold
Katja mit Halskette Mary Silber
Katja mit Amy Bergkristall Gold

The finishing of our jewelry takes place in Zurich, Switzerland. All work to the extent of the renewal service - such as professional cleaning, repair and coating - also take place in Zurich and the surrounding area. All work steps are carried out in careful handwork.

Schmuckset Kaja Zirkonia 3-Farbig
Armschmuck Nina Mondstein Gold

When selecting our production sites, we pay attention to good working conditions and fair wages. In doing so, we prefer smaller companies that are willing to implement our high standards for our environment and society.

Laini mit Perlenschmuck
Laini mit Amy Bergkristall Silber
Laini mit Perlen Halskette
Laini mit Perlenschmuck

Highest quality

Hände Handgemacht

Manufactured in traditional companies with excellent quality control

Eternal love

Creolen Ina 20 mm Gold Anhänger Kaja Spinell

First-class design, easy to combine, quick to fall in love with

Luxurious style

Jewelry for a luxurious & stylish appearance!

Customer service

Anhänger Lisa Silber Edelstein 12 mm facettiert mit Verzierung

Excellent customer service with contact to the founder

Chief Designer Avital

Jewelry is my passion. A passion that has accompanied me since over 20 years. Starting with a simple jewelry course, my love for jewelry has evolved over the years into a high quality collection. Purajoya is known for its attention to detail and timeless elegance.

From the beginning, Purajoya has pursued a simple, classic style. This is probably also the secret behind its long-standing success. In a world where something "new" has to be launched every six months, continuity is a competitive advantage.

Would you like expert advice? Do you have questions about our products? I am happy to be your contact person for questions or if you would like professional advice.

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