Experience the joy of seeing your jewelry in new splendor!

Have you ever experienced this? You have jewelry lying around at home that you haven't worn in a long time. Among them are favorite pieces that you would like to wear.

At Purajoya you can:
- Jewelry repair: E.g. fix torn necklaces & bent earrings
- Coating jewelry: E.g. plating silver jewelry or fashion jewelry with gold
- Clean jewelry professionally: E.g. clean diamond or silver jewelry
- Polishing jewelry: E.g. polish smashed and dented rings
- Renew jewelry: E.g. gold plated jewelry with new gold plating

Treat yourself and your loved one(s) to a jewelry makeover and let your favorite jewelry shine again!

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Avital, founder of Purajoya

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Royal class gold plating

Gold plate your jewelry as desired with a thick layer of "royal class" gold in yellow gold, rose gold or rhodium.

Swiss electroplaters

Your jewelry is in the hands of highly qualified Swiss electroplating specialists who are exam takers in their field.

Swiss goldsmiths

Top qualified Swiss goldsmiths with an international reputation and many years of experience take care of your jewelry.

Long lasting quality

You get professional work from us down to the smallest detail. Swiss precision and quality that lasts.

Your jewelry in the best hands: Like new - only better!
Ohrstecker Jella Silber Perle mit Onyx


Do you have jewelry that no longer looks nice?

Brilliant jewelry thanks to professional cleaning & recoating. The jewelry looks new afterward.

Does your jewelery have different shades of gold? Coat everything together and enjoy the fact that everything finally fits together.

Vor der Erneuerung GoldohrringeNach der Erneuerung Goldohrringe
Laila Set rosa Kinder


Do you have jewelry allergies or reactions to fake jewelry?

Carefree wearing thanks to hypoallergenic coating with precious metals such as silver or gold. The jewelry is refined with a thick layer of precious metal.

With fashion jewelry earrings, the hook or leverback can often be successfully replaced.

Set Laila Blau SilberSet Laila Blau Gold
Halskette Ina Silber mit Anhänger Kaja Spinell


Is your jewelry broken or does it no longer fit?

Fitting jewelry that can be worn again with pleasure thanks to professional repair & modification services.

In the modification service, we can also re-plate your jewelry. For example, silver jewelry becomes gold or rosé jewelry.

Ohrstecker Perle vor ErneuerungOhrstecker Perle nach Erneuerung
5 / 5
GREAT is the perfect description for Purajoya's repair service. The high level of competence, friendliness and tiptop repair workmanship is unique.
The emotionally valuable ancestral jewelry for me was not only repaired, but now also shines in new splendor - thank you very much!
Agnes, Professional Repair & Cleaning

Thank you very much for the great advice and the fulfilment of all my individual wishes. I will be happy to shop at Purajoya again in the future.

Isabel, Pin shortening & hypoallergenic gold coating

My newly gold-plated jewelry looks classy, well-kept and just new. The service was fast, uncomplicated and friendly. I can recommend it at any time.

Nives, Professional Cleaning & Gold Recoating
The affordable pleasures of your life

Renewals & Coatings


Repair & Modifications


Benefit from professional renewal & repair

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TELEFON: +41 76 831 18 97
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Once you have contacted us, we will get back to you within a short time. After all information and photos are available, you will receive a cost estimate.

You can send the jewelry by mail or bring it to Affoltern am Albis. After the work is done, we will return the jewelry by mail.

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Professional Cleaning & Gold Recoating


Vor der Erneuerung Goldohrringe


Nach der Erneuerung Goldohrringe
Pin shortening & hypoallergenic gold coating


Ohrstecker Perle vor Erneuerung


Ohrstecker Perle nach Erneuerung

Unique gift

Surprise your beloved(s) with their favorite jewelry in new splendor

High quality

Your jewelry is in the hands of top qualified Swiss professionals.


Spoil yourself with the great joy of wearing beloved jewelry again

Personal consultation

Benefit from professional & exclusive consultation



5 Star rating

"These gold earrings are my favorite earrings. I like to wear them every day. Unfortunately, they are fake and after one day of wearing them, my ear hurt. Avital convinced me to have them plated with real gold. What a big difference! I have no more pain and can wear them without any restrictions. It was such a good decision and more than worth it!"

Claudia mit Goldschmuck


5 Star rating

"I bought the necklace with the ball pendants in Ireland. The gold was gone quickly and I don't even know what kind of material it is. Originally I wanted to buy a replacement for it. However, Avital didn't want to sell me a replacement and pointed out, "Nothing can replace your love and memories of this piece of jewelry!". Getting it high quality gold plated was the best decision and I am happy every day! "


5 Star rating

"I had my travel jewelry newly gold-plated. After seeing the result, I decided to have more jewelry gold-plated. It is such a pleasure when the jewelry looks new again. I also like the fact that I can decide whether I want the jewelry to be light or dark gold-plated!"

Here are the most frequently asked questions


The shipping of the jewelry to Purajoya will be taken care of by the sender. For precious jewelry, we recommend sending the jewelry by registered mail.

Return shipping is free of charge. Jewelry over CHF 300 will be returned by registered mail. Upon request, we will return any jewelry by registered mail.

The Swiss Post is one of the safest in the world. Purajoya has not yet lost a letter or parcel.

For valuable jewelry, we recommend that you send it registered. If we receive your jewelry by registered mail, we will automatically send it back by registered mail. Jewelry over CHF 300 will be sent back by Purajoya registered. Upon request, we will send any jewelry back registered or with a tracking number.


Yes, the jewelry can be delivered and collected in person. Please contact us in advance so that we can coordinate a personal handover. Alternatively, the jewelry can be placed in the mailbox at any time.

Our postal address:
Gur & Partner GmbH
Steinacherstrasse 15B
CH-8910 Affoltern am Albis

Contact us
TELEFON: +41 76 831 18 97
WHATSAPP: +41 76 831 18 97


Normally, a renewal or repair takes 1-2 weeks.

For repairs with required spare parts, it may take 1-2 weeks longer. It may also take longer during public holidays or holiday-intensive months.

Yes, we gold plate silver jewelry and fashion jewelry in yellow gold & rose gold and also finish with rhodium (white gold). We gold-plate with a particularly thick layer of 7 microns, the thickness of the "royal class". In this way, we guarantee particularly long durability.

We professionally clean tarnished silver jewelry and coat it with an anti-tarnish agent. This delays renewed tarnishing of the silver jewelry to a maximum. Depending on the person and skin type, the jewelry can remain beautiful for years.

If you don't want your silver jewelry to oxidize and darken again, we recommend plating it with rhodium. Rhodium is a silver-colored precious metal, harder and more expensive than gold. It is the ideal finish for anyone who loves a perfect piece of jewelry.

Yes, we very often gold-plate and rhodium-plate jewelry with pearls, precious stones or diamonds.

Payment is made by bank transfer in advance. As soon as we have received the money, we will carry out the agreed work.

IBAN: CH40 0483 5267 9306 7100 1
Owner: Gur & Partner GmbH, 8910 Affoltern am Albis
Bank: Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG, 8070 Zürich
Postcheckkonto: 80-500-4
BLZ: 4835

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