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Determine your BRACELET LENGTH

Important CARE INSTRUCTIONS for your jewelry


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Kettenlänge Halskettenlänge

Necklaces should give pleasure and not be annoying! Determine the desired length according to your stature* and purpose. Also combine different lengths with each other and create an exciting new style!

* S, L & XL refer to dress sizes. The figures are a guide to how the clothing size and chain length interact.


Measure your wrist or existing bracelet for the ideal size. The matching bracelet is about 2 cm larger than your wrist. Some of our bracelets also have variable sizes or are made of elastic.

Kettenlänge Armschmucklänge

Standard lengths for children and adult bracelets

10-11 cm   newborn
11-12 cm    3 – 6 months
12-13 cm    6 – 24 months
13-14 cm    1 – 3 years
14-15 cm    4 – 6 years
15-16 cm    7 – 10 years
16-17 cm    teenager/adult
from 17 cm  adults

Kettenlänge Armschmucklänge
Creolen Liv Amethyst Silber
Creolen Liv Rosenquarz
Creolen Liv Mondstein
Creolen Liv Onyx Silber
Creolen Liv Silber Labradorit 12 mm facettiert

Everyday care

It is advisable to care for and clean your jewelry only if necessary so that it remains beautiful and shiny for a long time. Basically, the following will help you to do this:

  • Contact with chemicals such as those contained in shampoo, hairspray or perfume can have damaging effects on the shiny, golden or silvery surface. It is recommended to put on the jewelry after showering and perfuming.
  • Your jewelry will stay beautiful longer if you take it off before going to bed. This prevents it from getting caught in the fabric, breaking or bending.

Care & Cleaning

We recommend that you clean light dirt and fingerprints with a polishing cloth (without detergent). To do this, clean the jewelry with lukewarm water and a soft polishing cloth from Purajoya or a microfibre cloth. Oily substances, dirt or stubborn fingerprints can be removed with mild soap if necessary.

Professional cleaning

At Purajoya you can have your jewelry professionally cleaned. We clean all real jewelry, even if it is not from Purajoya. Contact us if you are interested here.


Find out more about our gemstones & jewelry

The name Amethyst comes from the Greek and means "counteracting intoxication". It was assumed that wearing an amethyst would not get you drunk. The gemstone, which is particularly popular as a jewelry stone, belongs to the mineral group of quartz and occurs in all shades of the colour violet.

Amethyst Kristalle

Amethyst crystals

The Andean opals are found in the Andes in South America. The ancient American advanced civilisations of the Aztecs and Incas recognised in the Andean opal an "eye of the gods" which they left behind on earth. It was regarded as a reminder of the original harmony of humans, animals and nature, so that the balance of power would not be disturbed too much. Especially in times of war, the stone symbolised hope.

As a healing stone, pink Andean opal is said to promote affection for other people, make interaction with them more sensitive and help find true love.

Aquamarine, a gift from a mermaid's golden treasure chest.

The name of the stone is derived from Latin and means "sea water". The healing stone is attributed to the sea god Poseidon in ancient texts. It was believed that it came from the treasure chest of a mermaid and could appease the sea god.

Aquamarin Kristalle

Aquamarine crystals

AventurineIts name is derived from the Italian "a ventura" and translates as " at good luck".
The ancient Greeks already said about aventurine that it gives courage and optimism. It is also said to provide relaxation, recreation and a positive attitude towards life. It promotes self-determination and an individual personality, gives inner balance, and frees from worries, fears or psychosomatic disorders.  In addition, it alleviates stress and nervousness.

This is an important main stone for the zodiac signs Taurus, Cancer and Sagittarius. For Taurus, this healing stone brings patience and contentment, and Sagittarius is strengthened in all positive characteristics. For Cancer it gives emotional balance, peace and contentment.

Aventurin Trommelsteine

Aventurine tumbled stones

Rock crystal consists of pure quartz. It is mined worldwide and there are also large specimens of this crystal. The stone has been known since ancient times. At that time, people imagined that the crystal was formed from pure spring water that froze and crystallised on high mountains. The name comes from this idea, by which the stone is still known today.

Bergkristall Kristalle

Rock crystal crystals

Chalcedony is a variety of quartz. It was probably named after the first place where it was found, the ancient city of Chalcedon on the Bosporus. Stone Age finds prove that it was already used for the production of weapons and in ancient times it was used for the production of jewelry and art objects. As a healing stone, chalcedony is said to help nursing mothers with the formation of milk and is therefore also called milk stone. Unfortunately, the mining areas for chalcedony are gradually being exhausted, so that no more of these beautiful stones will come onto the market once they run out.

Chalcedon Edelsteine

Chalcedony gemstones

Gold is one of the most valuable precious metals in the world. This is because of its special physical properties, its rarity and because of its special colour and shine. About 2500 tonnes are mined worldwide every year. More than 80% of the mined gold is used for the production of jewelry. With this volume, the jewelry industry is by far the largest processing sector of gold. About 2000 tons are processed annually into watches, necklaces, rings, bracelets or other jewelry. 10% of the mined gold is used in the production of technical devices and electronic goods. High corrosion resistance, easy processing and good conductivity makes gold a very valuable material.

Gold Nuggets

Gold Nuggets

Labradorite was named after its first place of discovery, the Labrador peninsula in eastern Canada. A special feature of this gemstone is its iridescent play of colours, which is called Labradorescence.

Labradorite is an important gemstone for the zodiac sign Aquarius. The healing stone is said to increase creativity and intuition and to help in the realization of goals.

The stone got its name from its blue colour. Lapis lazuli was already considered a sought-after commodity in the 3rd millennium BC, from which artistic objects were made. For the ancient Egyptians, this gemstone was the most precious thing they could give to their dead pharaohs as a burial gift. For many rulers in history, lapis lazuli was considered a protective stone. In ancient times, in Asia and even among the Incas, lapis lazuli was known as a healing stone. According to their traditions, its sulphur content was said to be effective against epilepsy, skin diseases or bilious disorders and to increase potency.

Lapis lazuli is an important gemstone for the zodiac sign Sagittarius. The healing stone is said to help in the search for a new partner and in the fulfilment of one's own life. However, lapis lazuli is also an important substone for the zodiac sign Virgo, because it would solve excessive modesty.

Lapislazuli Edelsteine

Lapis lazuli gemstones

Moonstone, the stone of women and intuition.

The moon is the celestial body that is associated with intuition and is constantly changing. It is the same with the moonstone. Depending on the incidence of light, it shows itself in the most diverse facets. The gemstone is said to help people strengthen their intuitive powers. Like the moon, the gemstone also shines with a very special power.

Moonstone belongs to the group of feldspars. It is milky white, grey, brown to orange or rarely even black. When it moves, a soft bluish-white shimmer glides over its surface, reminiscent of moonlight. The faintly translucent stone has an enchanting sheen and is used exclusively as a gemstone.

Mondstein Edelsteine

Moonstone gemstones

Mondstein Edelsteinfarben

Moonstone gemstone colours

Onyx is an opaque black variety of chalcedony and belongs mineralogically to the quartz family.

The name of the deep black onyx comes from the Greek and translates as "fingernail". Presumably, its naming is due to its good effect on nails, hair and skin. In ancient times, onyx was one of the most important gemstones and was considered a protective stone against black magic and mischief. Therefore, onyx was often given to the dead as a burial object so that they would be protected on their journey to the afterlife.

Onyx Edelstein

Onyx gemstone

Pearls are considered a real jewelry classic. They are naturally beautiful and, unlike gemstones, you don't have to cut them to bring out their splendour. The discovery that pearls can be cultivated and no longer have to be fetched from the depths of the sea at the risk of one's life has changed things. They have become affordable for many people since the beginning of the 20th century. They are cultivated in China, Australia and the South Seas. The price rises with perfection; the rounder and smoother a pearl is, the more it costs. Furthermore, the higher the quality, the better its shimmer (the so-called lustre) appears. Pearls come in various natural shades such as white, pink, gray and gold.

Mother of Pearl

Mother of pearl is the beautifully shiny layer produced on the inside of shellfish such as mussels or sea snails. It has been used for centuries, especially as jewelry and for valuables, because it shimmers and "iridises" in all the colors of the rainbow. The fascinating, rainbow-colored shine of mother of pearl comes from the fact that mother of pearl is composed of several layers of aragonite and conchyn, one on top of the other. At each of these individual layers, the light rays are partly transmitted and partly reflected. The interference, i.e. the superimposition of the incoming and reflected light, produces the colorful hues characteristic of mother of pearl. The strength of this optical effect depends on the viewing angle of the observer. If the mother of pearl is moved, a lively and colorful iridescence can be observed.

Shell pearls

Shell pearls are a brilliant imitation of real pearls. They not only look like pearls but are also made from their shells. Therefore, they hardly differ from real cultured pearls in terms of both texture and material. The shell limestone of the pearl shell gets finely ground and processed into pearls. Any colour and shape can be produced. In this way, perfectly formed pearls with a beautiful shimmer are possible at affordable prices. Because of their beauty and perfection, they are in great demand in the jewelry industry.

Perlen Muschel

Pearls shell

Das patentierte, revolutionäre Premiumsilber ist eine neuartige Legierung mit aussergewöhnlichem Schutz gegen das Anlaufen bzw. der Oxidation, weshalb es besonders für Qualitätsschmuck geeignet ist. Das neue Premiumsilber ist eine verfeinerte Silberlegierung der Premiumklasse, mit einer sehr weissen Farbe und hochglänzenden Oberfläche.

Die Vorteile von Premiumsilber

  • Sustainable & environmentally friendly
  • Tarnish resistant - it does not turn black or oxidise
  • The finest silver - it has the highest silver content of 960 (instead of 925 as with conventional silver).
  • Particularly bright silver colour, as the Premiumsilver contains more silver and less copper
  • Harder than conventional silver
  • Hypoallergenic properties that allow people with silver or even gold allergies to wear it

Was macht das Premiumsilber so umweltschonend?

  • Premiumsilber oxidiert nicht an. D. h. das Silber läuft nicht an und bekommt keine dunklen Flecken. Somit entfällt die Reinigung mittels giftigen Chemikalien und gefährlichen Prozessen.
  • Durch die Anlaufbeständigkeit des Premiumsilbers entfallen alle energieintensiven Oberflächenbehandlungen und die damit verbundene Umweltbelastung, die bei einem herkömmlichen Silber anfallen.
  • Premiumsilber besitzt eine höhere Härte und ist somit resistenter gegenüber den täglichen Einflüssen. Bessere Qualität heisst nachhaltigeres Produkt.
  • Premiumsilber wird aus recyceltem, konfliktfreiem Silber hergestellt.
  • Premiumsilber’s einmalige und überlegene Eigenschaft reduzieren Herstellungszeit, Arbeit und Ressourcen.
  • Premiumsilber ist nickelfrei und hypoallergen.

Strictly speaking, smoky quartz is a rock crystal. Natural radiation gives it a darker or lighter smoky-brown colour, depending on where the stone was found. The stronger the radiation, the darker the colour of the stone. It is mostly transparent to translucent and is often used for the production of gemstones.

Rauchquarz Edelsteine

Smoky quartz gemstones

Rose quartz got its name because of its colour. According to Greek and Roman mythology, it is said to have been brought to earth by Eros (Roman: Amor - the god of love). It is said to give people love and has always been considered a stone of fertility.

Rosenquarz Kristalle

Rose quartz crystals

Silver is one of the most important metals on our earth and, along with gold, copper and tin, one of the first metals to be discovered. It is relatively rare, but occurs twenty times more frequently than gold. The precious metal used to serve as a means of payment. Nowadays, silver is used in many industries, including jewelry. In textiles and medicine, for example, the antibacterial properties of silver are valued.

Silber Nuggets

Silber Nuggets

Hardly any other mineral produces as many well-known varieties as quartz. It is a hard mineral and consists of crystals in various shapes and colours, with the crystal surfaces shining like glass. If coloured ions are included, quartz can take on very different colours.

The various quartz crystals are well suited for meditation and are also frequently used. The quartz itself is said to protect against harmful rays and is therefore often placed in homes.

Spinel is one of the most valuable gemstones and is rarely found in the form of larger crystals. The origin of its name can no longer be clarified today. 

Spinel is one of the most important healing stones of all. The beautiful gemstone is said to give courage, cheer up and promote a confident attitude towards life. It is supposed to help to reduce stress and fear and to facilitate changes or new life situations.

Spinell Kristall

Spinel crystal

The gemstone zircon originally got its name because of its gold colour, as it comes from the Arabic or Persian word "zargun", which means "gold". However, the colour palette varies from colourless, golden yellow, yellow-red, red to brown. Very rarely, zircons are also green, blue or black. Often the colours are intensified or changed by firing the stones.

Zircons should not be confused with the namesake zirconia. Although they both contain the mineral zirconium, they are very different in terms of how they are produced. Zircons are naturally extracted and eventually coloured by strong heating. Zirconia, on the other hand, are stones that are artificially produced in a laboratory and are almost identical in appearance to real diamonds.

Zirconia is a brilliant imitation of diamonds. The stone looks confusingly similar to diamonds and is also in great demand in the jewellery industry because of its hardness (Mohs scale 8-8.5). It can be cut exactly like a diamond in the brilliant cut. Another advantage is that zirconia can be produced in any colour. This makes trendy and elegant creations possible at affordable prices.

Halskette Amy Silber Labradorittropfen Elsa facettiert
Ohrhänger Elsa Mondsteintropfen Silber
Halskette Amy Silber Rosenquarztropfen Elsa facettiert
Ohrhänger Elsa Labradorittropfen Silber
Halskette Amy Silber Mondsteintropfen Elsa facettiert
Creolen Alice Gold 25 mm
Creolen Zirkonia
Kinder Ohrringe Herz
Creolen Zirkonia Gold
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Nach zwei Jahren Pause, freuen wir uns sehr, euch vom 2. – 4. Dezember endlich wieder zu DesignSchenken einzuladen. Neu findet ihr alle Ausstellenden gebündelt in der Eventlocation Viscosistadt: Auf einer Etage in insgesamt vier Räumen zeigen über 85 Ausstellende ihre Produkte aus den Bereichen Mode, Schmuck, Taschen, Möbel, Wohnaccessoires, Keramik, Papeterie und Deko.

Vielfältiges und ausgefallenes Schweizer Design in einer industriellen und inspirierenden Umgebung. Ideal für den Einkauf erster Weihnachtsgeschenke – für seine Liebsten und sich selbst!

2. – 4. Dezember 2022

Freitag, 2. Dezember 2022, 14 – 20 Uhr
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Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2022, 10 – 17 Uhr

Eventlocation Viscosistadt | Spinnereistrasse 3 | 6020 Emmenbrücke

– Tagespass: 12 CHF
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Raclettestand vor der Eventlocation: Raclette und Glühgin
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Nylon 7 gleich neben der Eventlocation: Warme Gerichte sowie diverse Getränke
Öffnungszeiten wie DesignSchenken
Warme Küche jeweils von 11 – 14 Uhr


Am 10. & 11. Dezember 2022 hüllt sich der Freiruum in sein festliches Winterkleid. Weihnachtliche Livemusik und stimmungsvolle Dekoration bringen dich an diesem Wochenende bei unserem Wintermarkt in Weihnachtsstimmung. Beglücke dich selbst und erwerbe dein neues Lieblingsteil an unserem Markt oder finde ein schönes Geschenk für deine Liebsten. Zudem erwarten dich unzählige weihnachtliche Attraktionen. Lass es dir mit Glühwein und Raclette gut ergehen und vergnüge dich beispielsweise beim Kerzenziehen oder Guetzlibacken oder bestaune den wunderschönen Coca-Cola Weihnachtstruck, welcher bei uns einen Besuch abstattet.

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Seit 2010 ist Heiliger Bimbam! eine unabhängige Plattform für Kreativschaffende, Designer, Künstler, Kleinstproduzenten, Concept Stores, Antiquitäten, Vintage und Kuriositäten aller Art. Kurz vor Weihnachten vereint der kreative Weihnachtsmarkt über 4 Tage rund 200 Aussteller in der Halle 550 am Bahnhof Oerlikon und bietet gemütliches Adventsshopping mit Cupcakes, Streetfood, DJ-Sound und vielen Überraschungen.

Was: Heiliger Bimbam!

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